Cushing House Privy Restoration

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shadows are falling on another project

Exterior near complete. We need to install the handicap ramp and finish the punch list.
New shed roof and rebuilt fence.

Copper water table throughout.

Main room interior

A sheathing with a similar patina was salvaged to cover the new bathroom walls and roof repairs.
This original flooring which we uncovered during construction was in great condition.

ADA compliant bathroom

Exterior rebuilt

The original door was rebuilt and ready to go another 200 years

New Bathroom door.

Bathroom drywall and Tile underlayment

Gilbert from Souto painting Tile underlayment

Almost ready for paint

Cedar roofing

The roofing material is a medium cut hand-split cedar shake. We used 1x3's spaced for every course to create an airflow for longevity.

Southern yellow pine siding from North Carolina. Very heavy and dense.

Priming and stripping

Kem Widmer scraping off paint from the original barn door.
The face of the siding is given 2 coats of California storm stain exterior primer.

The backside is also given 2 coats of primer. Rabah is brushing the grooves first for complete coverage.

Plumbing and Electrical

Magliaro plumbing Copper and cast iron for commercial use.

New sewer line

Don from BAS electric installing new 200 amp service.

New underground line to carriage house. We will install a new 100 amp sub-panel there.

Sheathing repairs

The structure was covered with a 30LB. felt paper for moisture.
Through the front door. An homage to John Ford from The Searchers.

"New" sheathing. Salvaged from a floor in Vermont.



New bathroom walls. The floor gets a double layer of plywood for wheelchair use.
Wide open

Trying to get it plumb, level and square has been the tricky part.

Roof tear-off

Alot of the sheathing was completly rotted through. We will find some with similar patinas.

What a mess.

In need of a new one?


Front corner post completly gone.
Time to grab their eggs and find a new home.
Getting ready for new floor system. We put a 4 mill vapor barrier down with 3" of peastone.

The building is lowered back down. And work can get underway.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Electrical Service

Digging a new line to Carriage house.
A secret tunnel? Old drainage in carriage path.

New Sills

New treated 8x8 sills installed and secured to brick foundation.
The month of June has been very wet.

Signs of past and future

A layer of boards were removed to outline the old privy
Current restoration projects at The Historical Society of Old Newbury